We have gathered here some success stories, we have the most varied types of products.

Supply of metal shed

  • Pre-assembled steel buildings as per customer’s project.
  • Self-supporting storage structure buildings.

Tile manufacturing machines

  • Tile forming machines

Metallic Roofing (Trapezoidal Galvalume / Thermal Roofing)

  • TP 40 tiles,
  • TP100 tiles,
  • Isotiles (Thermal tiles)

Insulating Cold Chamber Panel

  • PUR/PIR Panels
  • Rock wool panels
  • EPS panels

Equipment for cargo handling

  • Forklifts,
  • Pallets,
  • Lithium battery electric order pickers.

Artificial intelligence equipment

  • Smart Home,
  • Smart Office
  • Smart Industry.
  • Full automation of all environments and equipment.

Surveillance technology

  • WiFi, 5G, solar powered surveillance cameras controlled by cell phone.

Solar energy

  • Monocrystalline and half-cell solar panels.

Led lightning

  • Industrial,
  • Commercial,
  • Public,
  • Domestic


  • Boilers for domestic and hotel use
  • Aromatizers and air purifiers for large environments, hotels, shopping centers and air conditioning systems
  • Bar, restaurant, cafeteria, kitchen equipment
  • Automotive equipment, spare parts
  • LED and 3D LED billboards
  • Commercial and Functional Furniture

Home products

  • Custom perfume bottles and glassware
  • Room flavors
  • High frequency aroma diffusers
  • Valves for creams and cosmetics
  • Perfume Spray Valves
  • fabrics
  • TNT non-woven fabrics
  • Furniture

Industrial Machinery and Tooling

  • Standalone, diesel or gasoline welding machines
  • Electric radiant room heaters
  • UVC lamps for disinfecting environments
  • Anti-flame PVC tarpaulins for trucks, tents, events, billboards
  • High frequency sewing and sewing machine for PVC tarpaulins
  • Fences, bretes, loading ramps, farm wires
  • Iron, steel and metal alloys


The company IMZolet Máquinas e Equipamentos has been in the market for many years, working in the manufacture of its fruit sorting machines by weight or by size, in addition to providing unparalleled technical assistance to satisfy the needs of fruit producers. Our company is always available to make your budget without obligation, contact us or visit us to see the advantages of having an IMZolet® fruit sorting machine.

  • Sorting machines for fruit by Size, Weight, Color, Defects.
  • Gears.
  • Industrial chains.

Installation and technical support for Chinese Equipment in Brazil

In response to a great demand for maintenance service for Chinese equipment operating in Brazil and South American countries, we have specialized staff in mechanical equipment and machinery, with translations in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

We look for manufacturers – since most of the equipment operating in Brazil was traded by trading companies that often hide the manufacturer, our first job is to find the manufacturer.

We set up discussion groups, between Brazilian technicians, Chinese engineers and our office, either through messages, voice or video, and we assist in the setup and/or maintenance and start-up of equipment in which the customer encounters difficulties.

We suggest that all imported equipment, from China or any other country, have TeamViewer and Wifi access cards installed on the control panel, which greatly facilitate the setup of machines by the manufacturer directly

Countless success stories since 2016 assure us of the total success of this method, ensuring the full operation of any type of equipment in a few days.