Once we get a demand for new product or equipment, we verify that the customer does not have a preferred supplier to contact. In that case:

  • We search in all industrial indicators for potential suppliers of the product or equipment.
  • Evaluate in the records of Chinese companies the strength, size and suitability of the potential supplier, selecting about 5 potentials.
  • We contact everyone and evaluate the availability of the product sought and its level of quality. We select the 3 most suitable companies.
  • Seek specific offers of products or equipment, and evaluate the supplier’s interest in meeting our demands, especially in the volume we need.
  • We, then, visit the 2 suppliers that best meet our needs and with these we start a partnership process, one as main supplier, the other as an alternative supplier.
  • We negotiate the business conditions that best serve our client.
  • Monitor and manage all processes until the product or equipment is shipped on a vessel or plane.
  • And provide total after-sales service, equipment setup, supply of materials, consumables and equipment maintenance assistance.