Azerbaijan Marriage Customs

Traditionally, Azerbaijani partnerships last for about 40 a short time. The ceremony is normally followed by a reception wherever guests stay next for the newly married couple for images. It can possibly be a non-public ceremony. The reception is normally filled with traditional Azerbaijani meals, live music, and meat.

Before the marriage ceremony, the bride’s family begins dowry preparations. The bride’s mother invites close female family to her home for a wedding ceremony. The bride’s room is definitely decorated and the surface is carpeted. The bride’s dowry is certainly carried to the groom’s home. The dowry may include a prayer mat, mohur, Koran, ear-rings, a wedding costume, and a shawl.

The family unit for the groom shows up with gifts designed for the star of the event. They will also get gifts intended for the helpers who happen to be in the wedding. The groom’s mom will present a ram twisted in reddish ribbon to the star of the event. She will as well put a diamond ring on the fiancee’s finger for the purpose of confidence.

The groom’s mother might also present a dowry to the bride’s family. In addition , she could buy jewelry for the bride and a silk clothing for the groom. international dating for chinese azerbaijani woman She will also buy clothes for the bride’s along with buy gift items for her helpers.

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Following the bath-house wedding service, the groom dons his presents. He may be dressed in a skull-cap and silk handkerchiefs. He will as well put on a namar and a silk clothing. The bridegroom and good friends will then set namar in a dish and drink tea.

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